Rigging Solutions

FT10 Viper

FT10 Viper in Blast Reaching mode. This is a PHRF only configuration.

Using a jibtop and a small daisy flown from the end of the pole, we were able to make 10kts Avg.VMG and get the win at the Trans Erie 2008.


Custom Running Rigging Solutions

Unbridled Sailing stocks most common sizes of line. We specialize in splicing also, so if there is something you need, from a new halyard to a replacement synthetic backstay, give us a shot! We have done many of these backstay upgrades, from traditionally rigged sloops to modern rigs with flickers and swept back spreaders. Saving the weight aloft and having adjustablility is a great advantage, whether on the race course or your favorite cruising grounds.

"The new Backstay setup is great. Great price, great finishing, and it works better than the factory setup!" -David Hobbs owner S2 7.9 Hot Spit


Stock Line

Description Price / Ft.
3/32 Double Braid Poly (Solid white) $0.21
¼ Economy Double Braid Poly (Black Tracer) $0.50
5/16 Economy Double Braid Poly (Red Tracer) $0.60
3/8 Economy Double Braid Poly (Red Tracer) $0.70
3/8 Economy Double Braid Poly (Blue Tracer) $0.70

¼ Samson Amsteel Blue $1.20
3/16 Samson Amsteel Blue $0.85


Rigging Service Charges

3 Strand Eye Splice $16.00
12 Strand Brummel Lock Eye Splice $12.00
Double Braid Eye Splice $20.00
Hi-Tech Strip and Bury $20.00
Whip and/or Sieze $6.00
Reeving Eye $6.00



Custom Standing Rigging Solutions

No job is too small: from new standing rigging with swagless terminals to new running rigging. We work closely with you to develop the solution that fits your needs and your budget. Our experience with different boats pays off for you when we come up with a solution that works better and has a better price than you would ever have expected! Again, we work hand in hand with our partner rigging shop in Miami, FL to be able to deliver great products at even better prices.


"The Standing Rigging came in today, and everything is great, they were shortened just right and I am happier than ever to go sailing!"

-Jim Seibert owner S2 6.7 Dagnabit


Rig Tuning

Every sailor knows it's very important to get the rig square in the boat. But what about the stays? D1s, D2s, or Vs? Forestay Tension? When to honk on the backstay? Too much weather helm? The answers to these questsions all depend on the boat. We'll use the experience we've gained racing all types of boats to bring your boat up to its speed potential.