Sun Shades

Unbridled Sailing is now happy to bring you Sun Shades. We are now able to bring the same high quality manufacturing and price competitiveness to our line of Sun Shades. Our sun shades are made with particular attention to the detail of edge reinforcement and shape retention. For quality and long term performance we use only the best European and US made fabrics including the well established Soltis range from Ferrari in France.

      We do not build or offer standard sized shades, we offer only sizes entirely customised to your specific requirements. There are a wide range of shapes, and you may choose the exact direction in which you wish the seams to run. A range of different types of edge styles and batten fittings may be specified as well as additional options such as the application of a SailKote coating to prolong life and prevent polluting grime adhering to the shade.

      Although comprehensive, if you have specific requirements such as mixed fabric colours or special printing, do not hesitate to contact us.

A sample of the layouts we offer are:Trapezoid, rectangle, triangle, square, circular, and elliptical. If your project does not meet these designs, we also offer Free Shapes, as seen above.